Our new website is located at https://waterandwellness.com/.

All Purative Products are sold at https://waterandwellness.com/.

At Purative, our passion is to give you back control over your water. Make no mistake about it, our commitment is first to educate you about the truth behind drinking water safety and the water you bathe and shower in. Because let’s face it, everyone needs water. It is our most precious resource and pure water sources are tough to find these days.

We started Purative after retiring from a long, successful career in the water purification industry. In fact, in our international work in water treatment technologies, we discovered an all-natural product called Quinton Marine Plasma.

Our Commitment to You: Real Water Science and The Highest Level of Wellness

After 37 years in the water science industry, our morals, ethics and sense of responsibility compelled us to create a line of products and services that:

  • A simple, affordable, high quality line of products that make no compromises
  • Based upon science
  • Give you control over your water quality and water purity

At Purative, we’re more than just water purification, we’ve created the first of its kind system for adding wellness to your water.