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Active C

Vitality C Enhanced Vitamin C Powder with GMS-Ribose is a high-dose, fully reacted, non-acidic, neutral pH buffered vitamin C supplement that provides 4 water-soluble grams of pure, GMS-Ribose enhanced vitamin C.

This unique formula allows you to supplement with high doses of vitamin C without serious gastrointestinal discomfort that may come with chelation-strength dosing.

And for optimal absorption of this valuable nutrient, Vitality C include 2000 mg of GMS-Ribose, a patented, proprietary blend of methylated glycine. This blend may support the uptake of vitamin C to the cells, using not one, but four separate pathways of absorption for optimal bioavailability and support.

Vitality C has a pleasant taste and mixes easily into water or juice. Just one teaspoon provides 4 grams of vitamin C.

For optimal vitality, get the vitamin C supplement that works with your body. Order Vitality C Enhanced Vitamin C Powder with GMS-Ribose.