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Active pH Restore

As our company name suggests, we care deeply about the water you drink. We are often asked if drinking alkaline water is good for you? How do you maintain the natural pH balance of your body?Is drinking high pH water the solution? These are the most frequent inquiries from consumers and practitioners, but we discovered that virtually everyone had a gross misconception of the significance of pH (of both beverages and food) in human physiology. It has been amazing to hear that most believe that the pH of what we ingest has something to do with either acidifying or alkalizing the body - but this is completely incorrect.

The reason for this misconception is the years of promotion of alkaline (high pH) water which claimed to neutralize metabolic acid. This is also completely incorrect. Most are surprised to learn that alkaline pH has little to do with neutralizing acid, because pH does not define the buffering capacity.

Instead, it is the ALKALINITY that is the chemical parameter responsible for neutralizing acid whether it be in the body or in a test tube. When we asked health practitioners if they knew what ALKALINITY is, not very many could define it, nor did they understand how it worked. Just so you have a definition of ALKALINITY, it is the sum of the bicarbonate, carbonate and hydroxide ions in a solution.

The minerals potassium, sodium and magnesium are key substances that are involved in many important functions in the body. When bicarbonates (potassium and sodium), carbonates (magnesium) and glycinate (potassium) are combined, these chemicals can help to adjust and balance pH levels that are crucial to body function. The processed food diets with a high protein and low vegetable content consumed by many people in the U.S. and elsewhere produce acidic conditions in the body. This leads to decreased oxygenation of our cells and a greater amount of anaerobic processes in metabolism, resulting in inadequate ATP (energy) production and the presence of unwelcome anaerobic cells and organisms.

If you want to improve the ALKALINITY of your body, this is the best product you can buy.

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