Active H2 Ultra+

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Active H2 Ultra+

Hydrogen, one of nature's purest and gentlest antioxidants, is created by the natural reaction of magnesium with water. This advanced formulation can deliver the free radical neutralizing power of molecular hydrogen to any non-carbonated beverage.In your body, the most harmful free radical is the hydroxyl molecule (OH).The best way to neutralize this harmful molecule is to drink water full of molecular hydrogen, or H2.Each atom of hydrogen gas will bond with OH to produce water, or H2O.This is the safest way to neutralize this most dangerous oxidative molecule in your body, as this reaction has absolutely no side effects as many antioxidants do.

Molecular hydrogen has recently emerged as a surprising molecule with broad therapeutic potential. Over 350 scientific studies indicate there may be a beneficial effect for over sixty conditions, including fatigue, cognitive impairment, pain, inflammation, metabolic syndrome, obesity and cardiovascular function.

Hydrogen is the simplest, smallest and most abundant element in the universe… and is one of only four elements present in every living organism (along with carbon, oxygen and nitrogen). Its therapeutic uses stem from its actions as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant mediator, and cell-signaling molecule.

Active H2 Ultra is the latest and the most advanced version of the Active H2 line of effervescent tablets from Water and Wellness LLC, a pioneer in hydrogen tablets. It uses a new, residue-free formulation that produces quasi-dissolved hydrogen nano-bubbles that can produce up to 10-12 ppm of hydrogen in an open glass. With 0.5 ppm ~ 1.0 ppm being the standard amount hydrogen-generating appliances in the market today can make, you can safely say that Active H2 Ultra is 10x more powerful and cost-effective. Active H2 Ultra+ takes this experience to the next level with a delicious new raspberry flavor, allowing you to mix up your daily supplement routine to suit your taste.

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