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AquaTru® Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

AquaTru® is the first and only revolutionary countertop reverse osmosis (RO) water filter. Unlike traditional RO water filters, this unit sits on your counter (not under the sink) without any connection to your water supply. It only needs a regular 110V AC plug to power it. No plumbing or installation required. AquaTru® uses the exclusive Ultra-Pure Reverse Osmosis Technology that is revolutionizing the RO market. The effectiveness of the AquaTru® RO system is the same or comparable to the technology used by all the major bottled water brands.

The AquaTru® cannot be compared to other drinking water appliances using advanced reverse osmosis (RO) and activated carbon technology. Its unique portable, user-friendly design put it in a category of its own.The simplicity and lack of gimmicks (like 7-stage filter!) gives AquaTru® a significant edge in achieving the single most important reason for using a water purification system – to significantly reduce every possible contaminant.

One of the most exciting things about owning an AquaTru® drinking water appliance is having an abundant, low-cost source of very high-quality water, not only for its obvious health benefits, but also for seldom thought of applications, as you will learn below. AquaTru® water makes a noticeable and dramatic difference in almost everything it is used with.

If you and your family don't consume the daily 6-8 glasses of water recommended by medical professionals, it may be because of the taste of tap water. Even the slightest of tastes and odors in water will cause us to seek alternative beverages that are more expensive and far less healthful. Rest assured that once family members discover the fresh, thirst-quenching taste from your AquaTru® system, they’ll take a new interest in this most important beverage.

Internal Body Cleaning: Water is not only vital to every process in the body, it also cleanses the body of harmful toxins that affect our well-being, provided it is sufficiently pure. Beverages like juice and soda, , though mostly water, cannot perform this function.Try 6-8 glasses of AquaTru® water each day for a month and see if you don’t experience a noticeable change in some aspect of your health and well-being.AquaTru® water should be the foundation to any of the excellent water fasting/cleansing programs recommended by your health advisor.

We recommend adding one ampoule of Original Quinton Hypertonic® or 1 vial of QuintEssential Optimum Mineralization 3.3 or even one sachet of QuintEssential™ Hypertonic Elixir (20 ml per sachet) to remineralize the RO water that is created by AquaTru® for maximum health benefits.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.