Is There Any Bottled Water You Recommend?

What is your opinion on bottled water? Do you have any you recommend?

Yes and no...let me explain.

  • Use the bottled water book to guide you.
  • Look for a considerable amount of magnesium – the higher the better compared to calcium.
  • Always glass bottles
  • Consider Gerolsteiner sparkling water or similar water for high alkalinity supplement to your daily 2+ liters of drinking water. It has more than 1800 mg/l of alkalinity.

What about the popular alkaline ionizer water systems like Kangan, Ion Life, Life Ionizer etc.

A better name for these devices would be “electrically reduced water (ERW) with negative ORP and elevated pH”. We acknowledge and respect the development of this product category and the health awareness and benefits it provided to many users. However there are much better, simpler and less expensive alternatives to pure and enhanced water for drinking. In fact, from our perspective, alkaline ionizers fail to provide the true objective of optimum drinking - except in their ability to create negative ORP reducing water, a promising new water characteristic.


Ionizers do not perform the single most important function and that is to remove a very high degree of any contaminants present. Fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. can remain in the water. That’s why so many users end up installing extra filters or a Reverse Osmosis system before their ionizers.


Ionizers claim that the elevated alkaline pH will alkalize the body through the process of neutralizing stomach acid. This is a deception because alkaline pH is no guarantee of neutralizing acid. Only water with high alkalinity can make such a claim. The performance of ionizers is entirely subject to the water supply they are attached to so the user must have just the right tap water chemistry to achieve the expected results. Few users realize this fact, however.

The subject of alkaline vs. alkalinity is very confusing to the non-chemist and the proponents of ionizers have taken advantage of it in our opinion. Here’s how…The ionizer proponents speak in terms of the alkaline pH of their water only – not alkalinity, which is measured in a completely different way. Only the words sound similar! Some experts even consider high pH water a health risk. It is far better to drink lower pH high-alkalinity mineral water or add high alkalinity baking soda or other mineral combinations rather than depend on the performance of the ionizer. Even better is drinking several daily glasses of fresh high-alkalinity vegetable juices like spinach, carrot, watercress, cilantro etc.


There IS something the ionizer does well and that is to impart a negative ORP to the water – transforming the water into a reducing anti-oxidant solution rather than an oxidative one. This factor, combined with the increased consumption of water, may be the biggest reason for the positive results claimed by its users. However, there are even better methods for achieving negative ORP. In conclusion, the alkaline ionizer disadvantages outweigh the advantages, especially when cost is factored in.


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