The Purative Program for Adding Wellness to Water

For the most demanding, health conscious consumers we have come up with a simple, effective and scientifically sound four-step approach:

  1. PURIFY by removing as many contaminants as modern technology allows.
  2. MINERALIZE with 83 raw unheated ocean elements and marine co-factors
  3. ACTIVE H2 (negative-ORP Tablets) the most effective antioxidant solution.
  4. ALKALINTY option when diet and life-style compromise internal pH balance.



In our heavily polluted world, the first and foremost responsibility of any drinking water strategy is to provide contaminant-free water. The PURIST four-stage, portable countertop Reverse Osmosis system incorporates features that guarantee unequaled performance.

No matter how compromised your municipal supply is, water from the PURIST is always the same – pure, neutral H2O that is excellent, as is, for rinsing, cooking, fasting and internal cleansing.


Pure water requires bio-structuring minerals. QuintEssential 3.3 is raw, unheated seawater is the most complete and bioavailable mineral and trace element source available.


Active Hydrogen

The benefits of Active Hydrogen in drinking water is one of the most promising discoveries in health. Just one Purative Active H2 tablet in a liter of pure drinking water increases the negative-ORP anti oxidizing properties beyond any nutritional supplement we know of, approximately -700 mV!

This patent-pending, all-mineral-based formula not only delivers Active Hydrogen in a far more consistent, longer lasting form than ionizers and hydrogen sticks but you can take it anywhere, and use it in just minutes with virtually any beverage.


For those who may want to add more alkalinity for alkalizing and balancing body pH we offer this economical recommendation – so you do not have to purchase a $1500 - $4000 alkaline ionizer machine.

For superior, more potent alkalinity stay with fresh green vegetable juices, green powder mixes, popular alkaline mineral powders (with combinations of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate) and one of our all-time favorites, Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water which delivers more delicious alkalinity than anything else we have found – an incredible 1800 milligrams/liter.

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