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What is QuintonTM Marine Plasma?

QuintonTM Marine Plasma is nutrient-rich marine fluid that is harvested from the depths of an oceanic plankton bloom.

Quinton Marine Plasma is not just seawater. Discovered by French physiologist and humanitarian, René Quinton, in 1897, marine Plasma has proven to be an incredibly effective way to restore cellular homeostasis and mineral balance.

Inside the plankton bloom's protective environment, microscopic sea organisms create QuintonTM Marine Plasma. It has been speculated that the secret of our biological ancestry lies in these microscopic organisms. It is no small wonder that we still bear an astounding biological relationship to these plankton blooms: amazingly, the constitution of marine Plasma mirrors that of human blood Plasma almost perfectly.*

You might say that when you ingest QuintonTM Marine Plasma, you're restoring your body's marine inheritance.

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How does QuintonTM Marine Plasma work?

A complete spectrum of minerals is necessary to metabolize 100% of the amino acids we consume. When critical minerals are missing or represented in deficient amounts, our bodies fail to optimally metabolize and convert amino acids and enzymes into energy.

The molecular mystery of Quinton Marine Plasma is that, in its isotonic state, each of the minerals is represented in quantities that mirror, almost perfectly, those of human blood Plasma and extra-cellular fluids. Like human blood Plasma, it contains 78 minerals and marine co-factors - all at almost the perfect levels needed by the human body.

As such, Quinton is an ideal solution for restoring balance to the body's internal fluids, thoroughly replenishing electrolytes and rapidly re-hydrating.

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What is the difference between QuintonTM Marine Plasma and other seawater?

QuintonTM Marine Plasma differs from other seawaters in several significant ways.

1. Original QuintonTM has been harvested for the last 110 years from a particular plankton bloom using the same harvesting method developed by René Quinton (a national hero for the lives he saved in France ). No other seawater product available has this level of history, credibility and research behind it. We do not know of any other seawater harvesting from this same bloom and no other company uses the exact same methodology.

2. We have run many tests comparing other seawater to Original QuintonTM . To date, we have not found any others that are COLD micro-filtered multiple times - as opposed to heat pasteurized or subjected to UV radiation. These less expensive processes destroy the active components in the water. The reductions in activity in other seawater repeatedly show up in third party research. Though we believe there is benefit from most purified seawater, Original QuintonTM is in a class of efficacy by itself that far exceeds any other in the marketplace due to the fact that René Quinton was the pioneer of the market. Simply said, his method of collection, storage, and packaging are family secrets.

3. Original QuintonTM is sourced and packaged by our parent company, based in Spain , which is still partially controlled by the Quinton family. Our company, Original QuintonTM North America , has the exclusive right to distribute and market this product. The parent company in Spain explicitly asked us to distribute Quinton Marine Plasma through health professionals and professional trainers, in order to maintain the reputation and integrity of the product. Our doctors here in North America who educate other health professionals about the product share the same level of integrity as our parent company, Los Laboratorios Quinton Internacional, S.L. Trust in a health product sold for 110 years by the same company is priceless.

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Can I dilute Hypertonic to make my own Isotonic?

René Quinton discovered a precise method of creating Isotonic. To produce it as he did, you would need sophisticated measurement machines as well as a sterile environment. Since these requirements are beyond the scope of the average person, we advise against trying to do it.

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