The Purity of Original Quinton Marine Plasma Supplements

We cannot blame the public for their concerns and misconceptions about ocean pollution and contaminants. After all, it has been one of the most dramatically reported environmental topics of the past 50 years. I use the word “misconception” because the public, as well as many health professionals, have very little understanding of the scientific details concerning the existence of open-ocean contamination and how minimal it really is. This is one of those topics where “God lives in the details.” so be prepared for some surprises…

What if I told readers that the open-ocean (especially the Atlantic where Original Quinton Marine Plasma and Original Quinton is harvested*) is one of the more contaminant-free environments on the planet? If you look at detailed laboratory analyses of everything we are exposed to on a daily basis and compare the contaminants you will conclude that nearly everything in your land-based world is far more contaminated than open-ocean seawater! Surprisingly, the water you drink, the food you eat (and the soil it grows in), the air you breathe and the surfaces you contact (including clothing) subjects you to thousands of times more contamination than pristine seawater harvested from the open-ocean.

The only reason scientists associate contaminants with the ocean is the fact that the seafood we consume is far up the food chain which concentrates otherwise insignificant levels of contaminants hundreds to thousands of times – where they can become significant. A common example is that it requires more than 1000 pounds of microscopic sea organisms in the dietary food chain to make just one pound of tuna fish! When an insignificant level of contaminant such as mercury is concentrated thousands of times it can impact human health when consumed regularly. Open-ocean seawater is at the very bottom of the food chain and has an even lower level of contaminants than single-celled plankton and algae that grows in it.


Radiation in open-ocean seawater

Now let’s focus on one particular contaminant category, radionuclides which often raises special concerns because of past nuclear accidents such as Fukushima. This contaminant emits various types of radiation that can gradually expose humans to health risks over long periods of time. Radionuclides are radioactive forms of the elements and they exist everywhere in our environment – in the air we breathe (radon, which accounts for more than 50% of the radiation we are exposed to), the ground we walk on, the concrete building we work in, the furniture we sit on in and the very bones and tissues our bodies are made of! Radionuclide levels in the open-ocean are insignificant compared to land-based sources. Take a look at the following chart for a comparison or sources of radiation exposure.

Radiation Source

Radiation Intensity, Becquerel, Bq

10 ml vial Original Quinton


1 banana


1 cup coffee


50 kg granite countertop


3 oz Brazil nuts


The foods and beverages we consume daily present a far greater radiation risk than the consumption of Original Quinton supplements. Laboratory Quinton (a certified pharmaceutical manufacturer) uses third party laboratories to continually test its source seawater for radionuclides. The levels are far below those established by the EU Ministry of Health and the USEPA. 


Facts on Original Quinton Marine Plasma Supplements


Mercury in open-ocean seawater

This highly toxic metal contaminant is ubiquitous on planet Earth, nothing is spared. Like radionuclides it is found in the air, the soil, the oceans, lakes and streams and virtually everything we eat and drink. The greatest recent contribution of mercury in the environment is for the burning of coal, primarily in China. As you can see from the chart below, Original Quinton tests as one of the most mercury-free substances on Earth.

Mercury Source

Amt. consumed/day

Hg Concentration, ppm

Total Hg intake/day

Original Quinton Hyper

Two 10ml ampoules


<30 ng

Original Quinton Iso

Two 10 ml ampoules


< 11 ng

Open-Atlantic Seawater

20 ml

0.008 to 0.02

160-400 ng

High grade ocean salt

3 grams


<300 ng

Large fish

0.35 kg

<0.1 mg/kg

35,000 ng

Small fish

0.1 kg

<0.015 mg/kg

1500 ng

Public drinking water

2 liters


<400 ng


10.8 m3

2 to 10 ng/m3

22-108 ng


Original Quinton Marine Plasma is Naturally Free of Contaminants

Laboratory Quinton harvests its marine plasma from plankton blooms in the Atlantic that are even more pristine than the open ocean. These massive self-purifying zones are like huge biological factories that are capable of eliminating natural and manmade toxins using complex biological processes. Plankton blooms are not only guardians of the ocean’s purity but they are also responsible for generating more than half the oxygen we breathe. Original Quinton Marine Plasma is harvested from a depth of 100 ft inside one of these internationally protected blooms. It is immediately refrigerated to 4 degrees Celsius to preserve its “living qualities” and then pharmaceutically microfiltered before it is sealed in its special glass vial to assure it organic vitality.