Sports H2 (30 Tablets)

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Sports H2 (30 Tablets)

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Gain the Competitive Edge! Take your performance to the next level with Sports H2™ and the unleash the power of Molecular Hydrogen.


PERFORMANCE FOR SERIOUS ATHLETES Hydrogen Concentration Sports H2™ Hydrogen Tablets are the latest development for adding the amazing properties of Molecular Hydrogen to pure water. Sports H2 is essential for anybody who is serious about their sports performance. A unique patent pending formula converts regular water to the hydrogen saturated alkaline water with the highest possible concentration of hydrogen. ENERGY ON CELLULAR LEVEL mitochondrial ATP: Molecular hydrogen can improve every aspect of sport training and performance. Research shows an increase in the production of mitochondrial ATP (the energy currency of our cells). The selective antioxidant properties of hydrogen support rapid recovery, prevent early fatigue, and help protect muscles from micro injuries. SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE ENDURANCE Hydrogen Infused Water: Molecular Hydrogen decreases lactic acid production within the muscle likely by supporting ATP production in the mitochondria. Athletes reported that hydrogen infused water let them virtually double the intensity of training and performance without the muscle pain and fatigue they would normally endure.

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Sports H2 (30 Tablets)