Health Professional Wholesale Agreement

Original Quinton North America Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for the Quinton family of products manufactured in Spain. Manufacturing standards meet or exceed ISO 9001 regulations. All Quinton product is cold-filtered (0.22 micron) and certified to be asceptic / pyrogen-free. Harvesting is conducted according to the published protocols authored by Rene Quinton. The manufacturer in Spain owns all national and international Quinton trademarks related to the manufacture and production of Quinton seawater products.

Pricing and Taxes

Irrespective of wholesale discounts that may apply to you, you agree not to resell product to your clients / patients for less than 10% of the posted manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP). Original Quinton North America Inc. has established a Minimum Advertising and Pricing Policy for its products. A copy of the “MAPP” agreement is available upon request. Original Quinton North America Inc. reserves the right to make adjustments to the posted MSRP on its website at at any time and without prior written notice. Please check the website on a consistent basis for pricing updates. By signing below, you agree to charge your clients/patients sales tax and to maintain an updated reseller number on file with us.

Health Professional Qualification

In order to qualify to purchase Quinton products, you agree to first provide Original Quinton North America Inc. with a copy of your degree, certification, or license. You may send the documents by mail, fax, or email as noted on Since Original Quinton North America Inc. does not sell the double tipped glass vial directly to the public, once you have been qualified, you may request to be listed on so that people may contact you directly.

Oral Use As A Dietary Supplement

Quinton Products are manufactured in single-use glass ampoules. Quinton is sold in North America as a dietary supplement. Quinton does not permit its products to be used for injection, pulmonary, or nasal inhalation. You agree to indemnify and hold Original Quinton North America Inc. harmless from any and all misuse of the Quinton products. If Original Quinton North America Inc. is made aware of any misuse as defined above, it reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement.

Practitioner Support & Order Fulfillment

Original Quinton North America Inc. currently processes all product orders. If you have a question regarding Quinton, guidelines for use, clinical history, manufacturing regulations, or if you have general questions, please logon to under the Health Practitioner secure login section. Original Quinton North America Inc. has included answers to most of your questions there. If you still have questions, please forward them in writing by first clicking on the "Have A Question?" link and emailing your question. Additionally, you may ask questions by contacting Original Quinton North America Inc.'s practitioner support line at 1-888-278-4686. Orders and shipping are processed within 48 hours of receiving them provided that they are received by 2:00 PM PST, Monday through Friday. You are responsible for all shipping charges.

Product Damage During Shipment

Any damaged shipment claims must be initiated by the Health Professional with their courier. It is recommended to initiate claim the same day and take pictures of the damaged packaging. Upon receipt of courier claim number, call Quinton customer service for further claim processing and to have new product sent to your location. All Quinton products must be paid in full prior to shipment.

Marketing Restrictions on the Internet / Non-Compete

Original Quinton North America Inc. prohibits you from advertising the sale of Quinton in order to solicit online product sales, unless approved by Original Quinton North America Inc.. In addition, you are prohibited from sending out mass distribution emails, or newsletters to non-client lists and from including reference to Quinton on any radio / T.V. infomercials or commercials without the express written consent of Original Quinton North America Inc. Original Quinton North America Inc. reserves the right to issue you a warning notice. If upon receiving a written warning notice you fail to remove the solicitation, Original Quinton North America Inc. reserves the right to issue you a wholesale termination notice, which will means that you will no longer be sold product. General information on Quinton may be included on your company / clinic website without reference to pricing. Upon request, Original Quinton North America Inc. will provide you with an approved literature document, which includes general information on Quinton for which you may post on your website, in emails, in newsletters (online or print), or in client / patient mailings. Any general reference to Quinton must include the following disclaimer: "This statement has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition."

Adverse Event Reporting

Original Quinton North America Inc. is committed to meeting all of the current dietary supplement guidelines published by the FDA, including the requirement to collect and report all instances of adverse events that may be associated with the marketing and distribution of Quinton. If any of your clients / patients experience an adverse event that you believe is correlated to their use of Quinton, please complete an Adverse Event Report and submit it to Original Quinton North America Inc.